Our Aims

Whilst at Nursery your child will be involved in a wide range of activities with opportunities for both ‘structured’ and ‘free’ play. All our activities have a sound educational purpose behind them. Independent learning is encouraged, as is co-operation and consideration for others. Records are kept regarding each child’s progress. These are available for parents to share and later transferred to the Infant School your child goes on to attend.


At Rubery Nursery School we aim to:

  • Respect: Respect children’s rights, treat each other with dignity and value each person’s individual identity (Article 8 and 12 ) 
  • Caring: Provide a safe, happy, and caring environment where your child can learn and grow on an individual basis. (Article 18, 19 and 24)

  • Learning: Encourage positive attitudes to learning by establishing that it is fun, exciting and absorbing. (Article 28 and 31)

  • Empowerment: Build children's self-esteem and confidence. (Article 2)

  • Inclusion: Encourage an understanding of others and their needs regardless of culture, religion, gender or disability. (Article 28)

  • Relationships: Establish a firm partnership with parents and carers to encourage participation in their child's education. (Article 9 and 28)

Contact Us

Leybrook Road, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9PB

0121 464 2158