Admissions Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy Summer 2 2020

Behaviour Policy 2020

Care & Control Policy 2020

Charging and Remissions Spring 2 2020

Child Gone Missing Policy 2020

Children Missing Education Policy

Children's Images

Code of Conduct for Visitors to School Policy 2020

Complaints Procedure 2020

Debt Recovery Policy

Dress Code Policy 2020

Educational Visits Policy July 2020

Emergency Procedures Child Not Collected Policy 2020

Equal Opportunities In Employment Policy

Equalities & Community Cohesion January 2020

E-Safety Policy 2020

Exclusions Procedures


Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Governor Allowances Policy 2020

 Health & Safety Policy

H & S Policy Covid Supplement Appendix

Home School Agreement

Home Visit policy 2020

Inimate Care Policy 2020

Learning, Teaching & Assessment Policy 2020

Looked After Children LAC Policy

Medical, Illness, Accidents and First Aid Policy Summer 2020

Mobile Devices Policy 2020

No Platform Policy BCC  December 2020

Pay Policy 2019 Schools

Performance Management

Model Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2020

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy - COVID-19 Annex

COVID 19 Safeguarding Policy Addendum V7

Safer Recruitment Model Policy 2020

Safe Sleep Policy 2020

SEND Policy September 2020

Severe Weather Policy

Social Media

Special Leave of Absence Policy 2020

Staff Disability Policy

Staff Supervision in Early Years Policy 2020

Stress Management Policy 2020

Sun Protection Policy April 2021

Teacher Conduct






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