The Summer  challenges are:


      • Go on a number hunt. Look for numbers out and about, on houses, in the shops, on road signs, buses and clocks.
      • Read a book outside and draw a picture of one of the characters.
      • Make up a list of nonsense words that rhyme with their name and then think of words that start with the same sound. For example, Poppy, Loppy, Boppy, Moppy for rhyming words and Harry, happy, hippo and horse.
      • Go the park and run, jump, climb until they are out of breath.
      • Sing a nursery rhyme outside.
      • Fill up different sized containers with water at bath time.
      • Go shopping and choose a piece of fruit or a vegetable to buy and eat at home.






Please take a  photo on your phone of your challenge and write a few sentences telling us what you did and email it to us at  We will print your photos. They will go in our display and they will also go in your child’s learning journey.


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