Please be aware that Nursery (both Rubery Nursery School and West Heath Nursery School) are closed until 20th April 2020. We hope you all have a lovely Easter.


Due to staffing and child numbers, we are operating from West Heath Nursery School. If you need to speak to a member of Rubery Nursery School staff then please telephone 01214752672 during normal nursery hours or send us an email on 

If you are concerned about a child please contact CASS who will listen, assess your safeguarding concerns and can take action if a child is at risk. Their number is 0121 303 1888.

As soon as we are able to update you on any changes to our provision or when we can go back to operating as normal, we will keep you informed on our social media platforms, RNS website and group call messages.

Please take care of yourselves and each other and stay safe!

Best wishes, Everyone at Rubery Nursery School

Activities to do at home during the temporary

closure of schools

Here are some ideas of things to do at home with your children whilst the schools are closed.


Try some of these activities to develop your child’s speech and language skills….

* Click on the links for further ideas/information *

  • Singing nursery rhymes together can be great fun. It can help to develop your child’s attention and listening skills as well as learning new words. If you sit your child on your lap this can be really helpful with developing eye contact and noticing different facial expressions. Include actions as you sing – the more times you sing and use the gestures, the more likely your child will be to copy these. Try missing a word off at the end of a familiar rhyme, can your child add it in?

Here are some ideas for actions songs to try: ACTION RHYMES.


  • Lots of children can have fun making funny sounds and using these within their play. This can be a great activity to play with your child if they are not yet saying any words. Sit your child on your lap so that he/ she can see your face and make it fun. Click on the link for some ideas of where to start: PLAYING WITH SOUNDS


  • Play is such an important skill for children to develop. They will have even more fun if you join in with them. Try and let your child choose what they want to play with. Wait and see how they would like to play with the toy. Join in by copying their play and talking alongside what you and your child are doing. Name the toys they are playing with and describe what you and he/she are doing. See the attached sheet for some ideas of games to play: IDEAS OF GAMES TO PLAY TOGETHER AT HOME


  • Here are some ideas to practice taking turns. This is a really important skill for your child to develop – first children learn to take turn in play and then they can start to take turns in conversation. See the attached list for ideas to try with your child: TURN TAKING GAMES


  • Playing memory games is a great way to develop your child’s memory skills. Auditory memory is important because it helps your child to remember what has been said for long enough to understand the words. When playing these games, makes sure your child is sitting calmly and is ready to listen. Try to cut down on background noise so that your child can focus on your words. Make this fun by playing the games attached: AUDITORY MEMORY GAMES


  • Use every day routines to help develop your child’s vocabulary. Name the things you play with together throughout the day eg ‘bubbles’, ‘car’, ‘puzzle’. Name items you use throughout the daily routine eg ‘spoon’, ‘cup’, ‘chair’. When it’s bath-time or getting dressed time, name body parts and clothes eg ‘hands’, ‘face’, ‘jumper’. Action words are really important too, name the different actions as you do them with your child eg ‘we’re walking’, ‘you’re eating’, ‘washing’, ‘jumping’. See the attached sheet for some games to play to develop vocabulary skills: NAMING SKILLS


  • When your child is using single words, help them to start using 2 words together by adding one word on to what they are saying and repeating it back eg your child says ‘bubbles’, you say ‘more bubbles’, your child says ‘feet’, you say ‘wash feet’.




Rubery Nursery School is a local authority school with a committed governing body, a head teacher, experienced fully qualified teachers and teaching assistants. The nursery is on the same campus as Colmers Farm Primary School and Colmers Secondary School. 

The nursery benefits from having a large outside area and spacious classrooms. The nursery is divided into three units Oak, Sycamore and Willow.  Oak and Sycamore are managed by very experienced and fully qualified teachers. Willow Unit is a specially designed space for two year olds and managed by a team of very experienced staff.

Staff teams work very closely together to ensure that each child’s needs are met, and that each child can develop to their full potential.


The nursery has the equivalent of 124 full time places, although the majority of children attend on a part time basis.

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