Governing Board Information


Governing Board Vision Statement

We aspire to support, positively challenge and enable the Head teacher and staff to fulfil the school's Vision Statement for the children of Rubery Nursery School.

Our vision is that, as a Governing Board, we will support the Head teacher in driving improvements, safeguarding all children and developing links with parents, stakeholders and the wider community of Rubery Nursery School.


Rubery Nursery School: Inspiring independence, confidence and curiosity


Our Full Governing Board Members 

Constitution of Governing Board

Governing Board Declarations of Interest

Governing Board Attendance 2022 -2023


 Nolan Principles


Governing board Strategy Document 2023-2024

Annual Governance Impact Statement for the Federated Governing Board of Rubery & West Heath Nursery Schools Sept 2023

The Federated Governing Board of Rubery & West Heath Nursery Schools Terms of Reference for Whole Governing Board & Committees


Diversity Data 


As a school we recognise that a diversity of thought, voices and perspectives is essential to good governance and the effective running of any organisation. We regularly collect diversity information from our governors and, depending on current data, can use this to: 

 target recruitment to address gaps in experience and diversity 

 develop and adapt board practices to ensure full participation 

 prioritise training and awareness-raising in identified areas 

 address potential ‘blind spots’ through seeking wider advice and perspectives on current and upcoming opportunities, challenges and risks 


However, we are unable to publish this information as it would mean that individual members of our governing body are identifiable.