Early Years Pupil Premium

Early Years Pupil Premium is additional Government funding for early years settings that is specifically used to improve the learning and development of disadvantaged 3 and 4 year olds. For the academic year 2021/2022 the funding allocated is £300 per child. It is allocated to children if they meet specific eligibility criteria which include being registered for free school meals and those who are in care. Early Years Pupil Premium children may have barriers to their learning and this funding will help to give them early support to enable them to make better than would be expected progress for their age.  The funding can be used for such things as educational trips, providing extra resources for the children, or providing specialist services, such as speech and language therapists.

Rubery Nursery School receives additional funding to support these children and this is called our Pupil Premium Allocation. We are accountable for how the money is spent and to ensure that appropriate support is in place for vulnerable groups. We ensure that children are ready to succeed at school, have excellent foundations for learning and are equipped well for achievement in life, no matter what their background.


Early Years Pupil Premium Provision Map 2018-19 Analysis



Early Years Pupil Premium Provision Map 2019-20 Analysis



Early Years Pupil Premium Provision Map 2020-21 Analysis


Early Years Pupil Premium Provision Map 2021-22